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We strive to create an encouraging, positive, and collaborative environment for all of us to grow in. Watch this video to hear from our staff members and check out with they have to say below!

Trinity Cook


"I absolutely love working at LaFontaine! The staff at the ELC are so welcoming, accepting, and loving. They truly feel like family. LaFontaine is a place where I know I am supported and respected. I learn new things everyday about the art of teaching through my leads and directors. I am so lucky to be a part of this team!"

Emma Steeves

-The Nature Schools-

"Working at The Nature Schools at LaFontaine has been an incredible experience. The bond that I have made with these kids and teachers is something I will forever be thankful for. I love everything we do here and everything we stand for! I love seeing how kiddos truly thrive in the outdoor setting. I have grown tremendously as a teacher and person from my experience here, and I love seeing that in the students here as well. I can’t wait to send my own kids here one day!"

Emily Fowler

-Wayne Drive-

"Working for LaFontaine ELC is an incredible experience. My Wayne Drive crew is small and we feel like a family. I feel supported in my job, and I love what I do. Knowing that I, along with my coworkers care about each little smiling face as much as they care about us is a rewarding feeling!"


Each employee at the ELC is able to take time off work whenever they want or need. All that we ask is that you have a substitute to cover your classroom during your scheduled hours. To assist with this, we employ substitute teachers.

We do our very best to have substitutes scheduled each day to ensure you can have a teacher cover last minute shifts and provide all the information you need for days off in advance.



At LaFontaine we want to protect the time that you have outside of work. We work to give full time employees a four day work week, and we do our best to maintain the integrity of our program and accommodate college student hours.


For an example of what each day’s schedule would look like click here


For an example of the lessons you would be asked to teach, see the Programs tab for each program’s sample lesson plan.


Holidays and Paid Time Off

The ELC follows pretty closely with the Madison County Public Schools. The list of closings can be found on the Locations and Schedule tab of this website.

Each day that we are closed, teachers are paid half of their regular hours for the time scheduled. Once teachers begin the leadership track, they receive full pay on all dates that we are closed.

Compensation and Career Progression

Each teacher at the ELC starts on the same level. LaFontaine will always build up our leaders and hire from within our family of schools. 


We do our very best to invest in every employee in hopes that we can provide value to them while they are with us. Whether an employee is passing through as they obtain their degree in an unrelated field or they are seeking a career in Early Childhood Education, we want to help them succeed. 

We host an annual leadership development course that aligns very closely to our core values as a company: compassion, courage, flexibility, growth mindset. This course teaches the skills needed to get started in leadership at our schools. We will continue to invest in each employee's growth for the entirety of their employment with us.

Each employee starts at $13 per hour. Once on the leadership track, employees are paid $15-$19 an hour until moving to a salary position as a director.

We'd love to help you grow with us!

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