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We strive to create an encouraging, positive, and collaborative environment for all of us to grow in. Watch this video to hear from our staff members!



Each employee at the ELC is able to take time off work. All that we ask is that you have a substitute to cover your classroom during your scheduled hours. To assist with this we employ substitute teachers. 


As a substitute teacher you may be asked to sub at any of our 4 LaFontaine schools. You will be guaranteed hours on the schedule and have the ability to pick up hours for up to 40 hours each week. We always promote from within. When a classroom position opens up it will be offered to interested substitutes first. As a substitute you have a unique opportunity because you’ll get to see every teacher teach to both learn from their styles and allow them to learn from you! This also allows you to find where you are happiest before you start in a consistent classroom. You will lead each classroom with the help and guidance of our Senior and Lead Teachers. There is one in each of our 5 programs between the 3 locations



At the ELC employees are generally scheduled in 5 or 10 hour blocks of time. This can look like 7:30-5:30 or 7:30-12:30 for example. Some shifts may be different depending on teacher availability and position. We do our best to maintain the integrity of our program and accommodate college student hours at the same time. 


For an example of what each day’s schedule would look like click here


For an example of the lessons you would be taught to teach see the ‘Programs’ tab for each program’s sample lesson plan.


Holidays and Paid Time Off

The ELC follows pretty closely with the Madison County Public Schools. The list of closings can be found on the Locations and Schedules tab of this website.

Each day that we are closed and you were regularly scheduled to work as a Substitute or Classroom Teacher you will receive half the pay that you would normally be paid. For example: if you were normally scheduled for a 10 hour shift you would be paid for 5 hours. Senior and Lead Teachers receive full pay. 

Compensation and Career Progression

Each teacher at the ELC starts on the same level. LaFontaine will always build up our leaders and hire from within our family of schools. 


The first step in our leadership ladder is Classroom Teacher. Classroom teachers are paid. Please see the Classroom Teacher job description for all expectations. Classroom teachers are paid $11 per hour.


The next step in our leadership and pay scale at LaFontaine Early Learning Center comes after one year of employment in addition to completing LaFontaine’s Grow Your Own program. This is a six week program in which interested employees learn to grow their leadership knowledge. Senior Teachers are part of our leadership team and serve to assist in ensuring all expectations for teachers are being upheld. Senior Teachers are paid $13 per hour.


Lead teachers are the third step in leadership and pay scale at LaFontaine. These teachers are carefully selected from those who have been employed at least one year and have completed Grow Your Own. These teachers have exhibited strong leadership skills and proven themselves capable of running their program independently. Lead Teachers are paid $15 per hour.


Fourth on the ELC career ladder is Assistant Director. Assistant Directors have been employed at least a year, served as a leader in our schools previously, and have completed both Grow Your Own and the LaFontaine Director’s Course. The LaFontaine’s Director’s Course is a twelve week program with experience and knowledge based education. These employees have shown great trust, critical thinking, and leadership skills. Assistant Directors are paid $17 per hour.


Last in career progression is Director. Directors have been employed at least a year, served as leaders in a LaFontaine school, completed Grow Your Own, and completed the Director’s Course. Directors are carefully chosen and have shown exemplary skills and capability. Director is a salary position and are not regularly schedule in a classroom. Directors are paid an hourly rate.